Guest Writer: The Real World Of Journalism

Written By: Amairi Cordova I can still remember sitting in my entry-level communication course hearing my professor say “If you’re in this field for the money, you’re in it for the wrong reasons. Journalism is about […] Read More

Paying it Forward for NABJ ‘18

Update: if you want to help, click here: One of the reasons I started this blog was to fuel my interest in paying it forward. As a journalist and a leader, I truly believe […] Read More

What 9/11 Taught Me About Tapping into my Humanity, and Why It’s Important For Journalism

Early in my career, I prided myself in not being affected by the news. My newscast was full of stories-it was my job, rather my duty to communicate that to the masses. It was a […] Read More

Doing the Impossible And Learning From It

Producing live television is preeetty crazy, right? Despite how much of a plan you have, it can go awry in an instant. The first time this smacked me in the face was a few months […] Read More

What’s Next: Figuring Out The Destination of Your Career Journey

What’s next? Many journalists are constantly thinking about where their next move will take them. Perhaps it’s a small market local reporter who wants a taste of the anchor desk. Or a mid-market anchor who […] Read More

Five Tips For Creating A Reporter Reel

Your reel can make or break your opportunities. Hiring managers look at hundreds of them, so it’s important to make the right impression. Your weeks of hard work might not make it two minutes. Here […] Read More

From On-Air to Behind the Scenes

The early years… Parents: “Tell me about your job.” Me: “Well I write stories and put them together in the newscasts you watch on TV.” Parents: “So when are you going to be on TV?” […] Read More

Thinking of a Master Plan in 2018

With 2018 just around the corner, and “new year, new me” posts at the ready, now feels like a good time to refocus on one of my own key goals for the new year-paying it […] Read More